What is SA Youth Partner Network?

Joining the SA Youth Partner Network means being part of solving youth unemployment in South Africa. It gives partners the opportunity to access entry level talent for employment, learning, or volunteering opportunities.


Joining the SA Youth Partner Network will give you access to our Partner Portal where you can create opportunities for youth. These could be jobs, learnerships, bursaries, volunteering opportunities – whatever your organisation is looking for. You will then be able to view rankings for the young people that geo match your opportunities, schedule interviews with them and then update the system with the successful applicants.


As a registered organisation, you’ll be able to manage the users from your organisation on the Partner Portal and set permission levels to work more effectively.

Connect your network of young people to sayouth.mobi and track their journey to employment

Upload lists

Upload lists of candidates onto the network (if you have their ID and mobile numbers). They can then set up their own profiles and access content and opportunities. Remember to create a tag before uploading your final list.


Tag young people that are connected to your organisation so that you can track their journey on the SA Youth Network